In July 2018 our sponsor enables an artist to show his artwork daily on the ARTBOX.SCREEN in the ARTBOX.GALLERY Zurich! Every artist has the possibility to register an artwork. The jury, consisting of the ARTBOX team and the sponsor, selects an artwork every day. The artist's artwork will be shown digitally on the ARTBOX.SCREEN (screen size 65", 4K resolution) during the opening hours of ARTBOX.GALLERY in Zurich. The artwork will also be published on ARTBOX.TALENT's social media channels and linked to the artist's website.



Any artist, regardless of nationality, art style or technique, can apply for this competition. There is no age limit.



If you would like to apply, fill in the registration form. You may only apply with your own artwork that you have created. It must not be a copy of another artist! You can upload your artwork with all details in the registration form. The following file formats are allowed: jpeg, tiff, png.  


  • There is no registration or other fee

  • Registration is possible until July 25th, 2018

  • The campaign will take place from July 1st - July 31th, 2018 in the ARTBOX.GALLERY in Zurich.

  • Every artist, no matter what nationality or art direction, has the opportunity to apply with his art, the application is free of charge.

  • Every artist can upload a work of art

  • The gallery does not take any commission for the sale of an artwork during the exhibition.

  • At the end of the month an art catalogue will be created, the exhibition catalogue can be ordered online after the exhibition.

  • The opening hours of the gallery are from Monday - Friday from 10h -19h and Saturday 10h -16h (MESZ).

  • The address is: ARTBOX.GALLERY, Giessereistrasse 1, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

  • A press release about the exhibition and the artists will be published

  • On the ARTBOX.TALENT's social media channels the winner will be published daily and the artwork will be linked to the artist's website.

Registration closed

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