Would you like to attend the SWISSARTEXPO in August with a very special presentation? Then take a look at the details of our new tender! With a lot of creativity and a good idea, you have the chance of an exceptional exhibition opportunity and high prize money.

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details TENDER

The SWISSARTEXPO art festival will take place in Zurich from 25 to 29 August 2021 with 400,000 visitors. We would like to offer an artist the opportunity to occupy a very special place at SWISSARTEXPO by designing the official SWISSARTEXPO poster. The official poster will be shown in large format at the entrance to SWISSARTEXPO and integrated into the overall appearance of the exhibition.

In this ARTBOX.TALENT tender you can submit a poster designed by yourself for the SWISSARTEXPO. There will be one winner.

What will the winner receive?

  • CHF 1'000 cash prize money

  • One exhibition wall (2 linear metres) at SWISSARTEXPO worth CHF 1'000.- paid by ARTBOX.TALENT

  • The SWISSARTEXPO catalogue and service package worth CHF 300.- paid by ARTBOX.TALENT


What requirements must the poster fulfil?

  • The poster must be designed in portrait format (the exact dimensions are left to the artist)

  • The poster must be submitted in JPG format

  • All details such as the official SWISSARTEXPO logo, exhibition duration, sponsors, etc. will be inserted by ARTBOX and should therefore not be on the poster.

  • Technique freely selectable

  • Subject freely selectable 

Further important information:

  • Deadline: 30st March 2021

  • During the SWISSARTEXPO it is not a condition that you are present, but a visit from the winner would still be very welcome!

  • It is possible to submit a concept as an artist collective.

  • The artist does not receive any further remuneration apart from the listed services.

  • The original poster will be transported to Switzerland at the expense of ARTBOX.TALENT and remains the property of SWISSARTEXPO.

If you have any questions regarding this tender, simply contact us by email, you can reach us at the following address: Or call us between 10-18h (CEST) on the following telephone number: +41 79 788 02 02.